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Who’s got time to write a will when life’s craaazy busy?

You've got partners, parents, pets or pipsqueaks pulling at you. And work and friends. 


You need to be a superhero just to get through the day.

That’s why we let you write your will online, made for crazy busy people.


In 20 minutes you'll be on your way to protecting your loved ones. And don't worry, it's all checked by our legal team.


Alex lost her husband suddenly. He died without having a will

Dealing with complicated admin while coping with grief was a sour experience. She’s keen to make sure others don’t get squeezed.


That’s why she set up Lemons.Life and partnered with experienced solicitors to help you write your will online or get an LPA.


And at £95 (£135 for couples) and about 20 minutes, it’s cheaper & quicker than writing a will in-person. It’s all you need to ensure that when life chucks a bucket of lemons at your loved ones, they can still make lemonade. Yep, we went there.


Hear her story


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Why write a will online with Lemons.Life?


Because you’re the zest!

Protect your
loved ones


Prevent family conflicts

No bitter lemons


Don’t leave your family sour

Avoid a big
inheritance tax bill

Why not try our tools out?

Understand some of the legal terms in plain English with our Jargon Buster. And figure out your Inheritance Tax with our handy calculator.


Making a will online is easy peasy
Lemon squeezy

a woman on a laptop filling out an online will

Tell us about your wishes. We’ve tossed away the jargon, so you can concentrate. In about 20 minutes you’ll have started your online will.

Answer some

simple questions.



Our experts
approve your will

Our team of legal experts will review your will and can have it approved, usually within 5 days.


the experts at helping people
a woman with a newly completed will and her two friends

Print, sign & pip pip hooray you’re done.

Now wait for the post - you’ll get instructions asking you to get it signed with two of your witnesses to make it legal. Then, break out the ice cubes.




Go make some lemonade


Or even some Gin & Tonic & lemon. Your will is done, go on & squeeze the day!

a woman and a man enjoying a lemonade
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What you can do online through



Protect your children by leaving them with trusted people who will surely make them some lemonade.


Leave money,
assets & gifts

Who gets what slice from money, property, prized possessions or even your comic book collection.


Set your
funeral plans

Detail how you want to go. Wanna play a famous song by John Lemon?  Well imagine all the your funeral.



Someone you trust who can distribute your final gifts, possessions & messages to all your main squeezes.


Donate to

Make a huge difference with a bit of Lemon-AID to your favourite charity.


Create a lasting power of attorney so that if you become incapacitated, others can make decisions for you.


  • How much does it cost to do you will online in the UK?
    The cost of writing a will online is £90 for a single will or £140 for couples. We take payment upfront. We do this to help you get it done as once you’ve paid you’re more likely to finish it.
  • How does your will compare to other companies where you can do your will online in the UK?
    When you enter your instructions into our online form, the will is then ‘drafted’ by solicitors and posted out. It is not an online will printed by you, but a will drafted by solicitors that is online.
  • How do I choose inheritors
    If you’re in a relationship of any kind, mostly people choose to leave the bulk of the estate to a partner, but this is really up to you. Shared property, a mortgage or kids are usually the reasons why you might choose to give to your partner. If you’re a single parent you may wish to share your estate between your kids. If they’re under 18 when you die the inheritance will usually be held by the executors until your child is 18 (or older if you want this). Your executors can choose to transfer the gift to the child’s other parent or a guardian for safekeeping, or to use it for the child’s benefit before they reach 18, but the more you put into your will the easier this will be.
  • What is an executor and how do I appoint them?
    An executor is somebody you nominate to carry out the wishes left in a will. People often choose a trusted friend or family member. You can choose a professional but make sure they’re aware of the task, as they need to feel comfortable and confident administering your estate - and it is a reasonable amount of work.
  • How much inheritance tax will I have to pay?
    The inheritance tax allowance currently stands at £325,000. (Sometimes this is called a also nil rate band) If your estate is worth more than this - which if you own a property is reasonably likely, you will usually have to pay 40% on everything over the £325,000 figure. If you're married or in a civil partnership and your partner is permanently living in the UK and registered for tax here, anything you leave to your partner will be tax free, regardless of the size of your estate. Your partner would also inherit 100% of your £325,000 tax allowance, giving them a total allowance of £650,000. Your partner could then leave behind an estate up to the value of £650,000 without having to pay any inheritance tax.
  • If I get a will online, is it legally binding?
    To make your will legally binding you need to make sure it’s signed alongside two witnesses who are present and both watch you do it. Once they’ve watched you, they need to add their own signatures, full names and addresses. If your will is ever contested in the future, your witnesses can testify that they watched you sign your will.
  • It’s all a bit complicated with Covid so how do I get people to witness my will remotely?
    Arm yourself with several pens and a good deal of hand sanitiser and meet your witnesses outdoors. But if all else fails the government has changed the law during the pandemic and you can witness via video conference. The Wills Act 1987) was amended from September 2020 so the ‘presence’ of those making and witnessing wills includes a virtual presence (Zoom, Skype, Facetime) as an alternative. The legislation applies to Wills made from 31 January 2020, meaning it will have retrospective effect. It is planned that this will last until 31 January 2022 but could be shortened if things go back to normal.
  • How can I find a will solicitor during the coronavirus lockdowns?
    Our online will writing service is ideal for relatively simple wills and should cover everything you need. But if your situation is more complex – for example, if you require specific advice we can connect you with trusted solicitors for more bespoke support.
  • What’s the cost of updating a will?
    If you need to amend your will please contact us to arrange. Depending on the amount of change required we can quote for this, but for comparison if you went to a high street solicitor for every change (called a codicil) it would likely cost around £70 each time. And remember: once you’ve printed and signed your new will alongside two witnesses, it’s important that you dispose of your old will to avoid confusion for your executors.
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