Need help filling out the will form?

If you’re unsure where to start with a will, or just need someone really bossy to help you get finished. I can help.


A lot of people have good intentions, but never get around to filling in the form. Suddenly a year has gone by and it’s still not done. I get it, I was like that too. But the worst happened to me when my husband died without a will, and I’ve made it my absolute mission to support other people to make sure it gets done.


I know from experience no one likes creating their will, so to give you an incentive, I'm going to discount the fee to make you do it sooner. Until the end of August you'll only pay £40 for the session, normally £75.


Then sit back and make that lemonade. 


(please note, I am not a qualified will solicitor. I will be able to offer you general support and help you to finish the process by being your bossy friend. The final form will be checked by a fully qualified will solicitor to make sure the will is legally watertight)